Ontarians to make 2010 an energy efficient year


Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — December 21, 2009 – Toronto residents will be turning down their energy in 2010, with 86 percent planning to make an energy efficiency New Year’s resolution, according to a new survey commissioned by Direct Energy.

This follows an energy efficient holiday season, with 80 percent of Ontarians already have or are in the process of switching to energy efficient holiday lights.

“We’re also encouraged to see that one-quarter of Ontario residents have energy efficient products on their wish list for holiday gifts, demonstrating that we’ve become more aware of how to reduce our energy usage,” said Tanis Kozak, VP and general manager of Direct Energy.

While Ontarians have made positive moves to “green their holidays,” and many plan to make energy efficient New Year’s resolutions, there is much more opportunity to conserve. In Ontario, 62 percent of residents do not track or don’t know what their energy bills are over the holiday season. This compares to Alberta where 56 percent track their energy usage over the holiday season. And while many Ontarians go out of town over the holiday season, less than half (44 percent) are likely to use timers on lights, although they are still ahead of places like Alberta (36 percent), Texas (29 percent) and Connecticut (33 percent).  

Other survey findings were that the majority of Ontario residents remember to turn down the thermostat (86 percent) before leaving for holidays, and during the holidays 81 percent will run a full dishwasher versus hand-washing, 42 percent will turn down the heat before guests arrive, and 29 percent will use candle light.
Approximately 650 respondents from Ontario and Alberta participated in the survey.