Ontario helps homeowners save on energy costs


George Smitherman,
Deputy Premier and
Minister of Energy
and Infrastructure,
Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — May 27, 2009 – Ontario homeowners can now unlock substantially increased rebates for energy efficiency upgrades from roof to basement, with a more than doubling of the investment in the province’s popular Home Energy Savings Program.

Rebates for changes like fixing insulation in ceilings, foundations, basements, and crawl spaces as well as upgrading leaky windows and doors are increasing by 25 percent or more. Provincial funding for solar domestic hot water systems is increasing by 150 percent.

In addition home energy audits will soon be mandatory at the point of sale (unless waived by the buyer) and can be transferred, allowing new homeowners to take advantage of retrofit rebates.

These changes come on the heels of the passage of the Green Energy Act which seeks to build a culture of conservation in Ontario (see Ontario Green Energy Act becomes law).

“Home energy audits help homeowners understand their energy consumption and offer ways of how best to lower it. This will put money back in their pockets and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said George Smitherman, Ontario deputy premier and minister of energy and infrastructure.

The Home Energy Savings Program will cover an estimated 460,000 home energy audits and 170,000 energy efficient retrofits over the next two years.

To date, over 150,000 Ontario homeowners have completed a home energy audit and over 52,800 homes have been retrofitted.