Ontario Power Authority announces major electricity conservation initiatives


Paul Shervill,
Vice President,
Ontario Power
Toronto, Canada — (METERING.COM) — April 23, 2007 – The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has unveiled a province-wide suite of five electricity conservation education and incentive programs which give Ontarians the tools they need to conserve electricity, save money and benefit the environment. Beginning this week, electricity consumers will be able to choose from a variety of incentives across the complete spectrum of energy efficient products and services – from retiring their power hungry refrigerators to tuning up their central air conditioners.

"These programs represent the largest coordinated effort Ontario has ever made to encourage consumers to use less electricity," said Paul Shervill, a Vice President of the Ontario Power Authority. "As Ontario moves toward re-building its electricity infrastructure, the conservation initiatives of each resident maintain and enhance the sustainability of our current power generation and distribution system."

By combining offers and watching their own electricity habits, consumers qualify for an automatic 10 per cent credit on their electricity bills if they reduce their current consumption by 10% over the same period last year.

"I am excited to see these incentives introduced to Ontarians," said Dwight Duncan, Ontario’s Energy Minister, who attended the launch. "By taking advantage of the summer conservation and demand management programs announced today, individual Ontarians can play an important role in using electricity wisely and reducing peak electrical demand over the critical summer months."

This week, the first of Ontario’s 2007 spring electricity conservation initiatives – the Spring Every Kilowatt Counts program – goes in the mail. The OPA is mailing incentive coupons, valued at $44 for energy efficient products, to every household in Ontario. The coupons are redeemable at over 3,000 retail outlets in more than 400 communities across Ontario. The Ontario Power Authority is promoting and operating this program in collaboration with local electricity distributors.

In addition to the Every Kilowatt Counts program, the OPA is launching a series of other programs throughout the summer months, including the peaksaver™ program, which assists qualified Ontarians, and their local electricity utility, to install a device in their home that allows the utility to briefly control their central air conditioning system during critical peak times – typically weekday afternoons during the hottest days of the summer. Program participants will receive a $25 incentive payment for signing up.

The OPA creates and implements conservation and demand management programs, ensures adequate investment in new supply infrastructure, performs long-term electricity system planning, and facilitates the development of a more sustainable and competitive electricity system.