Ontario Power Authority signs demand response contract


Tim Healy,
Chairman & CEO,
Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — April 3, 2008 – The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has signed a five-year contract with EnerNOC, Inc., a developer and provider of clean and intelligent energy solutions, to provide demand response capacity in the Greater Toronto Area, Waterloo Region and City of Hamilton.

The contract, which falls under OPA’s DR3 load reduction program, enables EnerNOC to deliver up to 25 megawatts of capacity. In addition, EnerNOC has the ability to submit applications to the OPA in the future for the delivery of additional megawatts under the DR3 program. These applications will be subject to acceptance by the OPA.  

“Demand response is a valuable resource that enables a wide range of benefits for integrated power systems, provides financial incentives for participants and reduces the need for building additional capacity, which has a positive environmental impact,” said Sean Brady, director of demand response and industrial programs for the OPA.

“Our investment in the OPA region in late 2007 and early 2008 has positioned us to immediately begin offering our demand response solutions to customers located in Canada under our agreement with OPA,” said Tim Healy, chairman and chief executive officer of EnerNOC. “Ontario has a peak demand of 27,000 MW, which is approximately the same as New England’s. We’re very committed to working with OPA to improve system operations, while reducing the environmental impact of electricity production.”

The company formed a Canadian subsidiary, EnerNOC Ltd., in 2007 in anticipation of the market opportunity in Ontario, and it has already signed customer contracts to begin meeting its 25 MW commitment to OPA. EnerNOC uses its proprietary technology to ensure that participating businesses and institutions reduce their non-essential electricity consumption during times of peak demand, and offers financial incentives to organizations participating in the program. One such organization that already has signed with EnerNOC in Ontario is Atlas Cold Storage. During demand response events, Atlas Cold Storage has contracted with EnerNOC to reduce its electricity demand through measures such as turning off compressors and individual fans inside its storage units.