Ontarioí¢â‚¬â„¢s smart meter initiative


Ontario’s smart meter initiative will leverage LODESTAR’s worldwide experience of over 240 successful product implementations, and benefit from the best practices approach of deploying and maintaining evolving market-driven requirements. LODESTAR’s Meter Data Management (MDM) product reduces market risk and accelerates time-to-market for Ontario LDCs – the MDM solution has already proven effective for over ten leading energy companies in Canada, and more than 100 in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

 LODESTAR’s MDM value proposition includes the ability to manage market settlements, complex billing and EBT transaction management for the Ontario province. In addition to providing a centralised meter data repository to be leveraged for downstream processing, the MDM solution features a library of validation and estimation routines, and includes support for calculating bill determinants to minimise the changes required by existing CIS or other billing systems. The robust architecture provides for true thin-client, web-enabled, end-user access for viewing usage data by time of use periods and to drill into hourly or sub-hourly detail.  

The LODESTAR® Customer Choice Suite™ software solution configured for the Ontario smart meter initiative is available for licensing by individual LDCs, consortiums of market participants, or via an ASP model, so that LDCs can take advantage of a proven solution that lowers the total cost of system ownership for all end-use customers.