Ontario smart meter rollout continues ahead of schedule


Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — February 26, 2010 – By the end of 2009 Ontario’s smart meter rollout was running more than 1.5 percent ahead of schedule, with a total of 3,414,006 meters installed in the province, against the projected 3,361,910 meters.

Of these 3,231,732 smart meters were residential installations, while 182,274 meters – amounting to 87 percent of the planned number – were general service greater than 50 kW monthly demand consumers.

Further the total number of customers on time-of-use billing at the end of 2009 was well ahead of schedule, with 346,878 residential customers, 77 percent more than the projected 195,847 customers, but only 461 of the planned 906 general service greater than 50 kW customers, on TOU.

However, the numbers of meter enrolments with the meter data management repository (MDM/R) were running behind schedule. In the residential category, there were 259,801 meters, 55 percent of those planned, and 4,893 general service greater than 50 kW customers, 36 percent of those planned.

These data were provided by the Ontario Energy Board in its second quarterly monitoring report.

The report says that as of the end of 2009, the total meters installed exceeded the number required to achieve the 2010 target for TOU billing of 1 million consumers and were 95 percent of the 2011 target of 3.6 million consumers.

However, the total number of meters enrolled had reached only 26 percent of the 2010 target and 7 percent of the 2011 target, while the total number of consumers on TOU billing reached 35 percent of the summer 2010 target and 10 percent of the June 2011 target.