Ontario smart meter target set to be exceeded by almost half


Dwight Duncan,
Minister of
Energy, Ontario
Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — August 10, 2007 – Some 1.16 million smart meters are expected to be installed in Ontario by the end of 2007, almost half as many again over and above the provincial government’s target of 800,000 smart meters.

This is according to figures presented to the Ontario Energy Board by the 13 utilities that have been authorized to undertake smart metering activities.

The utilities are Chatham-Kent Hydro Inc., Enersource Hydro Mississauga Inc., Horizon Utilities Corporation, Hydro One Brampton Networks Inc., Hydro One Networks Inc., Hydro Ottawa Limited, Middlesex Power Distribution Corporation, Milton Hydro Distribution Inc., PowerStream Inc., Tay Hydro Electric Distribution Co. Inc., Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited, Veridian Connections Inc. and Newmarket Hydro Limited.

Half of the province’s target number of meters, 400,000 meters are planned to be installed in 2007 by Toronto Hydro, followed by Hydro One Networks with 240,000 meters, Hydro Ottawa with 175,000 meters, and PowerStream with 80,000 meters. Enersource Hydro plans to install 60,000 meters, Horizon Utilities 50,000 meters, Veridian Connections 40,000 meters, Hydro One Brampton 35,000 meters, Chatham-Kent Hydro 28,000 meters, Newmarket Hydro 26,000 meters, Milton Hydro 15,000 meters, Middlesex Power 6,000 meters, and Tay Hydro 4,000 meters.

In the year to date a total of 433,798 meters had been installed, including 192,914 meters by Toronto Hydro, 114,432 meters by Hydro Ottawa, 62,914 meters by Hydro One Networks and 19,000 meters by Newmarket Hydro. Four utilities – Horizon, PowerStream, Tay and Veridian – are yet to start their deployments.

Four different AMI technologies are being deployed currently in Ontario. Enersource Hydro, Horizon Utilities, Hydro Ottawa, Toronto Hydro and Veridian Connections are deploying Elster’s EnergyAxis AMI, which is a controlled mesh network system. Hydro One Brampton, Hydro One Networks and Milton Hydro are deploying the Ozz/Trilliant solution, which also is based on controlled mesh technology. Newmarket Hydro, PowerStream and Tay Hydro have opted for Sensus Metering Systems’ AMI, which is a point-to-point long range radio system. And Chatham-Kent Hydro and Middlesex Power are deploying Tantalus Systems’ TUNet technology, which is a hybrid wireless communication system that operates on a variety of meter manufacturers device types and can be retrofitted to existing electromechanical meters.

With these deployments the vast majority, almost 88 percent, will be mesh network-based (Elster EnergyAxis 63 percent, Ozz/Trilliant 25 percent), while just over 9 percent will be fixed point RF and almost 3 percent hybrid wireless.

The Ontario Smart Metering Initiative was introduced to move to greater energy efficiency and conservation targets, including a 5 percent reduction in peak electricity demand by 2007, and requires smart metering to be deployed throughout Ontario by 2010.