Veridian Connections uses Clevest software for mobile workforceCanadian utility Veridian Connections has deployed Clevest’s mobile workforce management software across its 118,000 customer-strong service area.

The Ontario-based energy company, formed through two mergers and five acquisitions, began deploying the Mobile Workforce Management solution (version 5.1) at the beginning of January 2015 and is now operational for Veridian’s asset inspection order types.

Michael Angemeer, president and CEO at Veridian, said: “With the Clevest solution, work assignment and tracking is done much more effectively.

“Veridian’s asset inspections now have automated data validation in two stages which significantly decreases the number manual interventions needed by our GIS group.

“Our technicians are able to make on-the-spot map annotations to verify our GIS schematic, with asset photos and GPS location information posted directly to our GIS. This creates near instantaneous form updates for our asset inspections.”

Designed for electric, water and gas utilities, Clevest Mobile Workforce Management merges field and office data on a mobile platform for managing mobile workers and jobs, from meter service work, pole inspections and locates to restoring service and a mass deployment of smart meters.

Smart meter visualization

In May 2014, Canadian software company Clevest launched a new product that aims to give utilities a new way to visualise, assess and respond to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) data.

Co-developed with US energy cooperative Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation (BEMC), Clevest Smart Grid Visualization overlays near real-time smart meter data on top of a map-based view of field operations to provide utilities with AMI information displayed within the visual context of their power distribution system.

Commenting on the need utilities have to release the value of AMI data captured by smart meters, Robin Cairns, product manager, smart grid at Clevest, said: “After deploying smart meters and AMI communication networks, utilities face a substantial increase in meter data.

“Unless it can be turned into meaningful, actionable information, however, this data provides little value.

He added: “By overlaying the location and status of AMI meters on top of Clevest’s mobile platform that already incorporates street, satellite, asset, vehicle and service order layers, Smart Grid Visualization presents AMI data in a more intelligent, consumable format.”