OPA selects province-wide conservation aggregation operator


Paul Grod, President,
Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — February 4, 2008 – The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has awarded a province-wide contract for the operation and maintenance of a program to help Ontario’s residential and small commercial customers reduce electricity consumption during periods of high demand to Rodan Energy & Metering Solutions Inc.

Rodan will work with local distribution companies to operate and manage multiple load control systems in support of Ontario’s peaksaver® program. This program allows local electricity utilities to install a mechanism in eligible homes and small businesses which permits the utility to briefly cycle down the central air conditioning and water heaters during critical peak use periods – typically on weekday afternoons during the hottest days of the summer.

An aggregation operator provides the technical and operating capacity to efficiently bring together electricity users who want to reduce their power use.

"As a leading provider of demand response solutions, Rodan is pleased to leverage its world-class Network Operation Centre to support the OPA and Ontario’s LDCs by operating a reliable multi-system DR platform," said Paul Grod, Rodan’s President. "Under our enerShift™ brand, Rodan is delivering a full suite of demand response and energy management solutions to each major consumer segment in Ontario."

"One of the OPA’s important mandates is capacity building in the conservation sector," said Paul Shervill, Vice President of Conservation and Sector Development. "Rodan is certainly a private sector leader in enabling these forward thinking solutions."