OpenADR Alliance chooses Intertek for national smart grid initiative in the U.S.


August 12, 2011 – Intertek, a global provider of quality and safety services, announced that the OpenADR Alliance has selected Intertek as its exclusive testing and certification laboratory, providing conformance testing and certification for OpenADR 2.0 compliant products for interoperability with the smart grid.

Demand Response (DR) is the ability of demand side resources to alter their consumption, in response to price signals or incentives (to maintain system reliability). While, DR solutions have been available to the industry for some time, increasingly the automation of DR programs is accepted as an effective industry solution for balancing the supply and demand across the electric grid – in real-time.

However, many current solutions lack standardization which causes challenges for utility companies, system operators and regulators. As a result, the OpenADR Alliance was created to foster the development, adoption and compliance of the OpenADR standards. The Alliance is in the process of developing and standardizing OpenADR 2.0 version of the standard and has engaged Intertek to be the only, independent third-party testing company that will perform interoperability testing and certification, for OpenADR 2.0 compliant products.

"We are very pleased that the OpenADR Alliance chose Intertek, and we look forward to applying our expertise to ensure that open standards are developed for the complete smart grid chain," said Gregg Tiemann, Intertek Executive VP, Commercial & Electrical and Country Manager for North America. "Together, the OpenADR Alliance and Intertek can further build industry confidence in the technical activities that happen across the smart grid while establishing compliance and standards to meet the needs of service providers, regulators and other key influencers involved with the electric grid."

Automated demand response is one of the dominant drivers for the smart grid as it deploys a fully preset signal from a utility, system operator (ISO/RTO) or other related entity to provide connectivity to customer end-use control systems and strategies. In an effort to provide a foundation for interoperable information exchange and set an industry standard and establish compliance, the OpenADR Alliance will work with companies to facilitate automated demand response.
Intertek will play an integral part in helping to set this standard for the smart grid industry, as the company will provide interoperability testing and certification under the OpenADR Alliance initiative. Additionally, Intertek will support the Alliance and its members from pre-certification, to implementation and final testing and certification services.

While recently selected as the testing and certification laboratory for the OpenADR Alliance, Intertek has been rooted in the electric power space for the last 30 years. Intertek supports its customers from power generation to end use smart devices, reducing their risk and improving their brands and images.

Specifically, Intertek’s integrated services offer solutions that cover a range of activities in this market, including: regulatory requirements; energy efficiency and performance testing; renewable energy product certification; energy industry consulting and software solutions; and asset management for the power industry (fossil, nuclear and renewable). Intertek also works with and is an active member with a number of nationally recognized organizations supporting the smart grid supply chain including NIST’s Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) and the ZigBee Alliance.