Oracle incorporates smart grid features in Utilities Network Management System


Brad Williams,
VP of Industry
Strategy, Oracle
Redwood Shores, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 2, 2011 – Oracle has released Utilities Network Management System 1.11 offering new modeling and analysis features to improve distribution grid management for electric utilities.
The new enhancements provide real time views of grid activity to help properly align electricity generation with demand. Understanding potential outcomes under multiple possible conditions, such as storms, extreme temperatures and fluctuations in commercial and consumer usage, helps utilities improve contingency plans to maintain continuous operations through events that previously resulted in outages.

To further help grid operators, the new modeling helps:

  • Analyze the effects of customer loads, such as electric vehicle (EV) recharging, in different locations and identify where off-peak recharging is needed due to grid capacity constraints
  • Incorporate into the grid electricity from renewable resources like solar roofs and backyard windmills, allowing utilities to use local generation to meet renewable resource targets
  • Use stored electricity as a source of energy.

“Around the world, customers and utilities are choosing new ways to use, generate and store electricity. Incorporating these new technologies into a real-time model of the grid is vital to utilities’ ability to manage network activity,” commented Brad Williams, vice president of industry strategy, Oracle Utilities.   

Advanced distribution management – an emerging set of outage, distribution and grid optimization functionality essential to optimal smart grid operation – is core to Oracle Utilities Network Management System.