Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 2.0 now available


Stephan Scholl,
Senior Vice President
and General Manager,
Oracle Utilities
Redwood Shores, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 1, 2010 – Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 2.0, a key component of the Oracle Utilities Smart Meter Platform, is now available, the company has announced.

With Oracle Utilities Smart Meter Platform, utilities can organize consumption data and turn it into actionable intelligence, improving service, controlling operational costs and responding appropriately to meter-related events and alerts. Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 2.0 sits at the platform’s core and verifies, stores, processes and formats the data, providing every utility department, application and business process with the metering information it needs.  

Through this new version, Oracle has resolved the integration challenges that exist between customer information systems and meter data management systems. Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 2.0 minimizes data duplication and interoperates with Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing, enabling, for example, a customer service representative to easily access the data required to resolve customer queries without having to jump between applications.

With Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 2.0, utilities can still leverage custom, legacy systems with a more simplified IT architecture, which supports the move to time-of-use, intraday or real-time pricing initiatives. The software enables utilities to retain the key flexibility needed to configure an IT system to meet the goals of any smart grid initiative.

Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 2.0 features a centralized device portal, which enables customer service representatives to easily review current and historical usage, while also allowing field service technicians to view metering activity details and manage meter reading schedules.  The device portal also contains tools that help utilities view/edit interval data, look for signs of tampering or theft, view/analyze audit records and examine weather patterns to determine usage variations from one time period to another.

“Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 2.0 is a true enterprise metering solution that enables utilities to organize vast quantities of consumption data generated by smart meters and turn it into intelligence that helps them run their business more effectively across every department,” said Stephan Scholl, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Utilities. “It ultimately helps empower customers to effectively monitor and manage their energy and water use.”

Within the next 12 months, Oracle plans to include other applications in Oracle Utilities Smart Meter Platform. These are Oracle Utilities Business Intelligence for Meter Data Management, Oracle Utilities Smart Grid Gateway and full support of communication to customers regarding usage and efficiency programs.