Oracle Utilities software boosts field crew management

US software provider Oracle Utilities has fine-tuned its field service offering for electric, gas and water utilities by adding functions to improve operational efficiency.

Oracle Utilities has enhanced Mobile Workforce Management 2.2 to further streamline field crew management and support mobile work safety.

The software allows utilities to automatically divide longer jobs into multiple visits to improve service delivery.

A contractor management feature allows utilities to communicate with contractors to assign work to the most cost-effective blend of labour resources.

The software package also aims to promote greater workplace safety.

Utilities are able to select a safety routine and vehicle inspection criteria for each field worker based on the work and vehicle assigned.

Field workers can also be asked to complete checklists when starting a new task or be prompted through an on-site safety brief.

Dana Drysdale, vice president of information systems, San Jose Water Company, said:  “We worked with Oracle to deploy Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management to improve customer service and field operations.

“With Oracle’s mobile workforce management solution, customer service is improved because everyone – from office staff to field staff – knows the status of work.

“We expect that with the introduction of MWM 2.2, we will be able to achieve additional efficiencies by streamlining field crew management.

“We also expect efficiencies because Oracle’s version 2 products have a common technology base.”

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