Organizations partner to deliver Smart Grid Maturity Model Update


David White,
Smart Grid Maturity
Model team lead
Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 13, 2011 – Seven organizations are now licensed as partners, able to provide Software Engineering Institute (SEI) services pertaining to the Smart Grid Maturity Model.

The organizations are:

  • EBiz Labs, Inc.
  • Horizon Energy Group, LLC
  • IBM
  • Infotech Enterprises America, Inc.
  • SAIC Energy, Environment & Infrastructure, LLC
  • Tata Consultancy Services America
  • Wipro

These partner organizations sponsor SEI-Certified SGMM navigators, who are trained and certified to guide utilities through the five-step structured approach to applying the SGMM. More than 30 navigators have been trained to date.

The SGMM is a management tool to help utilities plan their smart grid journeys, prioritize their options, and measure progress as they move toward the realization of a modernized electric power grid.

According to the new SGMM update, version 1.2 of the SGMM product suite is set to be released, making the technology more accessible to a larger community of users. A substantial change in V1.2 is the revision of sections of the SGMM Compass survey, which collect information about the utility completing the survey and the current performance of its grid. The new data collected from these sections is aimed to enable more sophisticated peer-to-peer comparisons and facilitate evaluation of the effectiveness of the model.

This release also marks the end of the pilot licensing period, expanding the opportunity for any organization to apply to become a licensed partner for SGMM.

“The SGMM community data demonstrates that the model is being used by a diverse set of utilities around the world, and repeat use data shows that utilities using the model are making progress with their smart grid implementations,” said David White, Smart Grid Maturity Model team lead. “The upcoming release of version 1.2 will leverage lessons learned from users to date and from partners to make the model easier to interpret and use.”

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