ORION in-home water consumption display launched


Brown Deer, WI, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 12, 2010 – A new remote water consumption display for utilities to provide to their customers is being launched by Badger Meter.

The company’s ORION in-home display (IHD) is compatible with any water meter that is connected to a Badger Meter ORION automatic meter reading (AMR) system, and it enables end customers to monitor their water use from inside their home.

Customers can access the easy-to-read display to view hourly, daily or monthly water use data numerically or in seven-day graphic intervals. In addition, the ORION IHD allows users to automatically convert units into gallons, cubic meters, or cubic feet. It displays the time, date or temperature and various messages to notify the customer of “alert conditions,” such as leaks. Data is stored for 40 days.

“With increasing interest in sustainability nationwide and even stronger water conservation initiatives and mandates in some areas, the ORION IHD provides a proactive measurement tool for utilities to offer their customers,” commented John Fillinger, marketing manager of Badger Meter. “It encourages more mindful consumption by showing customers how much water they are using in real-time and it could also help utilities reduce the number of billing inquiries and disputes.”

Each ORION In-Home Display comes with an intuitive user interface, two AA batteries, a six-button display, and is programmable to the specific ORION transmitter. Once the IHD is programmed with the serial number of the appropriate ORION transmitter, it will begin receiving data from that transmitter. A built-in magnet allows for convenient location on a refrigerator or another household appliance.