Connecticut Light & Power meter testing to be investigated

[img:Richard.thumbnail_0.jpg|Richard Blumenthal,
Attorney General,
State of Connecticut
]Hartford, CT, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 15, 2007 - The Connecticut Department of Utility Control (DPUC) has opened an investigation into allegations that Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) ignored customers’ concerns about the accuracy of its meters.

This follows the filing of a petition with the DPUC by state attorney general Richard Blumenthal, seeking an investigation of complaints that CL&P meters are inaccurate and erratic, and that the company is refusing to take such grievances seriously or adjust bills.

Ontario IESO designated as Smart Metering Entity

[img:IESO.thumbnail.jpg| ]Toronto, ON, Canada --- (METERING.COM) --- August 15, 2007 - Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has been designated as the Smart Metering Entity with responsibility for the long term overseeing of the province’s Smart Metering Initiative (SMI).

The IESO, in arrangement with the Ministry of Energy, has been coordinating and project managing the SMI implementation activities, and introduced the Smart Metering System Implementation Program (SMSIP) as the delivery framework to support this task. A key objective of the SMSIP is the delivery of the meter data management/meter data repository (MDM/R) functionality, including all interfaces between the MDM/R and the smart metering and customer information systems of the local distribution companies (LDCs), with which the first group of LDCs is due to go live shortly. Under this new designation the IESO will also now be responsible for the administration and operation of the MDM/R.

Extending the value of MDM

Conference: Smart Metering West Coast
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Presenter: Layne Nelson
Abstract: Presented by Layne Nelson at Smart Metering West Coast

Solutions for Meter Data Management

Layne Nelson, Oracle Corporation, Houston Texas

This presentation will address the following Meter Data Management topics:

What is Meter Data Management (MDM)?
A high level overview is provided describing roles and functions of Meter Data Management solutions. 

Market Trends
The presentation will discuss AMI and MDM trends we are seeing in the market place.

Components of an effective Meter Data Management (MDM) Solution
Components of an MDM solution are discussed. 

Building on the potential of AMI and the meter data management...

Conference: Smart Metering West Coast
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Presenter: Ed May
Abstract: Presented by Ed May at Smart Metering West Coast

Advanced metering pushes utility IT departments to be smarter. Extracting value from an order-of-magnitude increase is metering data requires new systems and processes. At the same time, it's costly to complete re-engineer the IT infrastructure of a major investor-owned utility. Smart meter data management can help utilities gain value from data while also isolating the IT department from logistics of metering and meter data collection. One key aspect to smart meter data management is applying open standards to architecting meter data management systems. This presentation discusses five key open standards that can help make meter data management, and utility IT departments, smarter. 

“Best Value/Risk Ratio” The Case for End-to-end Standards

Conference: Smart Metering West Coast
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Presenter: Bill Vogel
Abstract: Presented by Bill Vogel at Smart Metering West Coast

Software solutions for maximizing the value of smart metering initiatives

Conference: Smart Metering West Coast
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Presenter: Wendy Lohkamp
Abstract: Presented by Eric Miller at Smart Metering West Coast

Smart metering and submetering to be voluntary in Ontario condos

[img:Duncan_Dwight_0.jpg|Duncan Dwight,
Minister of Energy,
] Toronto, ON, Canada --- (METERING.COM) --- August 14, 2007 - In terms of new regulations from the Ontario Ministry of Energy, boards of directors of Ontario condominiums are enabled to install smart metering and smart submetering in their condominiums if they wish to do so.

The regulations, which become effective on December 31, 2007, cover the installation of smart metering and smart submetering systems in condominiums and the licensing of submetering activities.

Submeters will encourage energy conservation

[img:topbar.thumbnail.jpg| ]Langhorne, PA, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) ---August 14, 2007 – E-Mon, a manufacturer of solid-state electronic kilowatt-hour submeters, automatic meter reading software and other energy management products and services, has introduced its new ‘Green Class’ E-Mon D-Mon electric submeters. Offering utility-grade metering accuracy, these submeters are a cost-effective way to benchmark and monitor energy usage trends and to estimate CO2 emissions.

Smart meters for DTE Energy customers

[img:dteLogo.thumbnail.gif| ]Detroit, MI, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 13, 2007 – DTE Energy is busy finalizing a program that will replace the meters of all its 2.7 million residential customers with smart meters, and installation will start later this year. The utility hopes that introducing time of use rates will encourage customers to shift energy use away from periods of peak demand.

North Dakota considers the benefits of smart meters

[img:Xcel_0.jpg| ]Bismarck, ND, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 13, 2007 – Public Service Commissioners in North Dakota are considering the introduction of smart meters, and recently decided to draft rules to regulate their use by large C&I customers. In addition the state has asked investor-owned utilities Montana-Dakota Utilities Co., Xcel Energy Inc. and Otter Tail Power Co. to submit annual reports about the feasibility of making smart metering available for all customers.

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