Measurement Technology Centre Opened In Ontario

A new Corix measurement technology centre, accredited by Measurement Canada and located at the offices of Ontario utility Chatham-Kent Energy (CKE), will encourage the deployment of smart meters in the province. The centre was established as the result of a partnership between Chatham- Kent Energy, Corix Utilities and Terasen Gas.

CKE is one of the leaders in the province in the deployment of a fully-compliant smart meter solution, and will benefit from Corix’s experience in the areas of metering and measurement, both in the US and in Canada.

Fastest AMR Deployment In North America

Progress Energy has completed the fastest automated meter reading (AMR) deployment in North America, with 2.7 million electromechanical meters having been replaced with Itron’s AMR-equipped CENTRON® solid-state meters in only 18 months.

Progress Energy is one of the nation’s largest investor-owned electric utilities, serving customers in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. The CENTRON meters were installed in all three states, with an aggressive schedule to finish the deployment in less than two years. On its peak day, Progress Energy completed more than 20,000 meter exchanges in a single day.

Call To Speed Up Deployment Of Smart Meter And Smart Grid...

In testimony before the US Senate Finance Committee, Demand Response and Advanced Metering Coalition (DRAM) executive director Dan Delurey has called for greater commitment to deploying demand response, smart meter and smart grid technologies.

Briefing the Senate Committee on the need for demand response to be included in electricity policy, planning and operations, and on how demand response and its enabling technologies, such as smart meters, are necessary for the development of the smart grid, Delurey said that with a greater commitment by state and federal policy makers to deploying these technologies now, through changes to federal tax policy, the construction of the smart grid can begin now instead of in the future.

An Important Year For Energy Markets

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2007 is set to go down as an important year for energy markets across the globe. In the US smart metering has established itself in the utility sector, with tens of millions of meters in planning and prospect, and with it the clear mainstreaming of the need for demand response and other sustainability initiatives to address climate change.

Internet-ready programmable thermostat encourages energy conservation

[img:fpl2.thumbnail.jpg| ]Miami, FL, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 20, 2007 – The Florida Power & Light Company, a subsidiary of FPL Group with 4.4 million accounts in the state, will offer customers an Internet-ready programmable thermostat; if trials are successful the utility plans to add the new tool to its overall line of energy efficiency products. FPL recently received approval from the Florida Public Service Commission to test this program; trials are due to start this fall in Broward County.

Richmond’s water users show little interest in meters

[img:richmond.thumbnail.jpg| ]Richmond, Canada --- (METERING.COM) --- August 20, 2007 – Since 2004 residents in the City of Richmond in Vancouver have been offered a no-cost program to have water meters installed in their homes and thus pay for actual usage rather than the flat rate previously charged – but surprisingly few are taking advantage of the offer.

So far about 40 per cent of the residents in the city have opted to take advantage of the Volunteer Water Meter Program and move to metered billing, but according to Neptune Technology Group Canada, the company that developed the program with the City of Richmond and is installing the meters, the number of requests is slowing down quite considerably. A Neptune representative says that when there are fewer than five people living in a home, the likelihood is that bills will decrease once a water meter has been installed.

Enabling the Customer Side of AMI: Meter Network vs. Internet Communications...

Conference: Smart Metering West Coast
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Presenter: Harvey Michaels
Abstract: Presented by Harvey Michaels at Smart Metering West Coast

AMI and the smart grid vision

Conference: Smart Metering West Coast
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Presenter: Greg Fergason
Abstract: Presented by Greg Fergason at Smart Metering West Coast

Leveraging AMI & MDM to empower our customers

Conference: Smart Metering West Coast
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Presenter: Paul Lau and Martin Flusberg
Abstract: Presented by Paul Lau and Martin Flusberg at Smart Metering West Coast

SMART Meter Data Management (MDM) … the strategies, standards and systems

Conference: Smart Metering West Coast
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Presenter: Dalton Perras
Abstract: Presented by Dalton Perras at Smart Metering West Coast

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