Santee Cooper’s net billing pilot program to begin October 1

[img:Lonnie%20carter.thumbnail.JPG|Lonnie Carter,
President & CEO
Santee Cooper
]Moncks Corner, SC, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 30, 2007 - South Carolina’s Santee Cooper will pay its residential customers who produce excess renewable energy through solar panels or other means and get it into the utility’s distribution system, thanks to a new net billing renewable energy initiative approved by Santee Cooper’s board of directors recently. Renewable energy-generating customers will also see their bills adjusted to reflect times when they are producing all, or a portion of, the energy they need and not drawing from Santee Cooper’s generation.

Tampa Electric gets approval to expand its energy efficient programs

[img:C_Black_TN_0.jpg|Charles Black,
Tampa Electric
]Tampa, FL, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 29, 2007 – The Florida Public Service Commission has granted approval to Tampa Electric, a regulated utility with both electric and gas divisions, to expand its current offerings of energy efficiency programs. The Energy Planner Program allows customers to make energy consumption decisions based on energy prices by using a programmable thermostat that is provided at no charge.

The number of utilities planning demand response programs increases

[img:chartwell_logo.thumbnail.jpg| ]Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 29, 2007 - The number of utilities planning or considering demand response programs has increased significantly, according to 2007 survey results by utility research firm Chartwell. Although the proportion of utilities offering customers demand response programs has remained steady, 22% of utilities report planning or considering special rates that encourage peak load management for residential customers. Fifteen percent are planning or considering a residential air conditioner cycling program; only 1% reported planning or considering such a program on a 2006 survey.


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: 7 September 2007
: TRAD 1685

Alliant Energy selects AMI partner

[img:Alliant%20Energy.thumbnail.gif| ]Madison, WI, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 28, 2007 - Alliant Energy Corporation, an energy services provider with subsidiaries serving approximately 1 million electric and over 400,000 natural gas customers in the American Midwest, has selected the Sensus Metering Systems FlexNet AMI system to implement advanced metering infrastructure across its entire service territory. Subject to regulatory approvals, the deployment is set to begin in Wisconsin starting in the fourth quarter of 2007; it includes more than one million iCon smart electricity meters and 400,000 FlexNet AMI endpoints installed on existing natural gas meters.

“We performed a thorough evaluation of available technology and believe that FlexNet offers a core set of advantages that will enable us to cost effectively meet our aggressive near-term objectives, while positioning us to be able to offer beneficial advanced services and rate offerings to our customers in the future.” said Barb Siehr, Alliant Energy’s Vice President of Customer Service and Operations Support.
The FlexNet system will allow Alliant Energy to leverage its prior investment in an extensive array of communications towers already in place for voice communications. In addition, the primary licensed frequency in which the FlexNet system operates provides the most protection over the long term, and enables Alliant Energy to transmit at up to 2 watts of power, thus reducing the infrastructure needed to support its three state (54,000 sq. miles) service territory.

PPL expands time of use pilot program

[img:ppl_logo.thumbnail.gif| ]Allentown, PA, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 27, 2007 - PPL Electric Utilities will soon expand its residential time of use pilot program, with a view to getting more information about customer usage patterns before it introduces time of use pricing to all customers in 2010.

As a first step, the utility installed smart meters in all its customers home a few years ago, and has benefited from the improved data it obtains, which includes voltage and blink count, as well as monthly consumption. Monitoring the blink count allows utility personnel to identify possible problem areas in the grid. The meters have also proved invaluable in managing outages – in particular in the wake of Hurricane Isabel in 2003, when over 500,000 customers were without power.

New replaceable battery for water meters

[img:SmartMeter.thumbnail.jpg| ]Fort Washington, PA, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 27, 2007 - Severn Trent Services has developed a new replaceable battery for its SmartMeter SM700 20- and 30-gallon-per-minute water meters. The new battery has a life beyond 15 years and can be exchanged with a meter's existing battery to extend the meter life to more than 30 years. The new battery, when combined with the accuracy provided by SmartMeter technology, provides significant cost savings over the life of the meter.

Mike Kenyon appointed general manager of EIS Australia

Elster Integrated Solutions (EIS), part of Elster Group, has announced the launch of a new business called EIS Australia under the leadership of Mike Kenyon, who joins the company as general manager. EIS says that the new business will advance its footprint in the global AMI market.

Kenyon will report to Elster Integrated Solutions president Sharon Allan. He will be responsible for the operating performance of EIS for Australia, New Zealand and surrounding areas. He holds a degree in Computer Science from CAS, Adelaide, and has over 25 years of global management experience in a variety of leadership business roles including operation, product development, customer service and business development. Kenyon is a seasoned AMI/AMR veteran with over 17 years’ experience in this market, having served as managing director of Datamatic Asia Pacific and managing director of Itron Australasia prior to joining EIS.

Peter Mainz appointed Chief Operating Officer of Sensus

[img:Peter%20Mainz.thumbnail.jpg|Peter Mainz,
Chief Operating
Officer, Sensus
]Peter Mainz has been appointed to the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer at Sensus Metering Systems. All metering and related communication systems businesses and all other businesses will report directly to him.

In March 2007 Mainz was appointed to the newly created and expanded role of Executive Vice President, Operations and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Prior to that, he became V.P. of Finance in January 2003 and CFO upon completion of the acquisition of Invensys Metering Systems in December 2003. He was V.P. of Operations and Finance in Europe and Asia Pacific from 2001 to 2002, and held other senior financial positions with Sensus’s Metering Systems Division from 1999 to 2001.

Majority of consumers concerned about climate change

[img:EILogo.thumbnail.gif| ]Framingham, MA, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 24, 2007 - Eighty-one percent of respondents in a recent climate change survey in the U.S. indicated they were concerned about climate change, with more than half saying they were very concerned, while only 5 percent indicated they were not concerned at all about climate change.

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