North America

Washington utility upgrades meter data management with Siemens

Snohomish PUD has selected consulting firm TRC Companies to implement a meter data management system as part of the utility's AMI programme.


CPS Energy

CPS Energy and Hyundai to pilot energy storage with recycled EV batteries

CPS Energy is partnering with a solar firm and global automobile group to develop a large-scale energy storage testing project from recycled electric vehicle batteries.
solar energy prices

The US records price increases in all solar market segments – a first since...

The study has found an increase in prices across all solar energy market segments for the first time in seven years.
energy storage south asia

The US expands energy storage capacity deployment by 162%

The US market for energy storage has recorded a 162% increase during the second quarter of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020
advanced water metering

Texas City of Seabrook deploys advanced water metering system

The project will see some 4,100 existing water meters being replaced with solid-state water meters and an advanced metering infrastructure for remote operation of the new meters
EDF energy storage

EDF flattens energy prices for Californians with 600MW storage unit

EDF Renewables North America will flatten electricity prices for consumers in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties in California using a 600MW battery energy storage system.

Ontario distributors investigate local transactive energy market

Three Ontario distribution companies are to demonstrate the potential for customer owned distributed resources to provide services to the networks.