Partners in IoT – Bit Stew Systems kicks off new programme


The company said the partner network encompasses software, infrastructure and service companies in a bid to bring Bit Stew’s products and services to new markets.

The programme is designed to accommodate different business models, with partnership tracks for software OEMs, resellers, systems integrators and application developers.

Depending on their business model, partners can white label Bit Stew’s technology and integrate it into their own solutions, resell managed services, customize Bit Stew’s technology or develop their own applications on the MIx Core platform to sell to industrial organizations.

Commenting on the launch, Jett Winter, EVP, Business Development, at Bit Stew Systems, said: “With the launch of the Bit Stew Partner Program we want to give partners looking to maximize their potential in the IoT market, the ability to embed and resell MIx Core and MIx Director Suite.”

Bit Stew Systems developer network

Bit Stew partners will also be able to access the MIx Developer Network (MDN) where they can collaborate with other developers, learn best practices and test new applications in online development environments.

The company said the MDN offers resources, tools, training, certification to enable software developers to visualise entirely new applications with data analytics and workflow.

Under the partner programme, Bit Stew confirmed it is working with Aclara, Blackstone Technology Group, CapGemini, Cisco, DB Results, GE, Gray Matter Systems, Greenbird, Harris Utilities, OSI Consulting and Trilliant.

Makary Tarnoff, VP Marketing and Product Management at Aclara, said: “By integrating the data aggregation and visualization capabilities of Bit Stew’s MIx Core platform into our solutions, we’ve been able to expand our portfolio and offer more advanced operational analytics capabilities to our customers.

“As an OEM partner, we’ve also leveraged the application development environment provided by the MIx Developer Network to enhance our Fault Detection and Localization solution with the powerful data integration and visualization capabilities of MIx Core.”