Partnership delivers integrated PowerCost Monitorâ„¢


Peter Porteous,
CEO, Blue Line
Innovations Inc
Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 22, 2009 – An EnergyAxis® System enabled PowerCost Monitor™ for consumer energy monitoring and management has been announced by Blue Line Innovations and Elster.

The PowerCost Monitor™ – EnergyAxis Edition integrates Elster’s EnergyAxis platform with Blue Line Innovation’s latest real time energy feedback solution providing consumers with a mechanism to save between 6 percent and 18 percent on their electricity bills. Elster smart meters communicate with the Blue Line Innovations’ PowerCost Monitor™ using wireless communications to provide consumers with near real time energy usage information. Elster and Blue Line Innovations have commenced the first utility field test and expect full commercialization before year’s end.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Elster,” said Peter Porteous, CEO of Blue Line Innovations Inc. “The PowerCost Monitor™ is a proven solution with over 100,000 units in the field and the EnergyAxis Edition demonstrates our commitment to continue to lead the sector of near real time energy information tools for families throughout North America.”

“We are excited to extend the EnergyAxis System to include consumer energy monitoring capability allowing our customers to offer energy conservation solutions to their consumers,” added Victor Sitton, vice president of product marketing at Elster.

Features of the PowerCost Monitor™ – EnergyAxis Edition include a touch screen display providing instantaneous energy usage update with the touch of a finger, prior month comparisons to compliment recent additions of 30 day estimate feature and appliance measurement function, and additional data to help families better understand the cost of their energy consumption and behavior. In addition there is a capability to receive text messages from the electrical utility.