Partnership uses revolutionary IoE to optimise grid management

mPrest, a provider of analytics, automation and control software for grid management and modernisation, together with Innowatts, a retail energy platform providing business solutions for utilities, have announced a partnership to integrate customer intelligence into mPrests’ grid modernisation “System of Systems” application.

Innowatts’ leading AMI analytics will be integrated into mPrests’s “System of Systems” Grid Modernisation application.

The AMI enabled energy analytics includes load dis-aggregation and customer level load forecasting capabilities, which allows utilities to optimise grid assets, reduce reliability risk and lower cost to customers.

Customer usage history and forecasts will also be integrated into the analytics model, allowing for comprehensive network scenario planning, simulation and control.

“We are very excited to partner with Innowatts. Jointly, we create new opportunities to drive grid efficiency and reliability,” said Ron Halpern, Chief Commercial Officer at mPrest.

“As demands on our system become more dynamic and unpredictable, having an accurate behind-the-meter energy forecast at a customer level can be an extremely valuable planning input in state estimation and real time simulation of grid impacts and required responses to operations, topography and other critical decisions; especially, in cases where utilities may have limited visibility beyond the meter.”

“Our vision at Innowatts is to radically transform the energy value chain, using customer level predictive intelligence to enable a new level of learning and automation to the full suite of utility business functions,” said Bob Champagne, SVP of Business Development for Innowatts.

“Augmenting mPrest’s expertise in grid automation and control, DERMS and Asset Management, with our behind the meter load analytics and actionable intel creates a bold new source of value that will help clients optimise grid assets, lower costs, and improve reliability in ways never before possible.”

Innowatts and mPrest will be collaborating on several analytics platforms, to maximise asset health and operations support. The partnership uses revolutionary Internet of Energy (IoE) concepts that allow utilities to collect and analyse data and gain insights to optimise grid management.


Image Credit: Stock