Partnership offers improved metering communication


Sensus Metering Systems and Cannon Technologies Inc. have announced a formal partnership agreement for the supply of the award-winning Sensus iCon solid state meter to be manufactured with an integrated two-way transponder for the EMETCON™ pow4erline carrier-based fixed network. Cannon Technologies’ iCon-based MCT 410iL brings an expanded feature set to the fast PLC fixed network.

In the fourth-generation MCT 410 series design, the iCon single-phase meter contains a new transponder board from Cannon Technologies. The combination provides superior accuracy, 150 days of on-board load profile, seven days of 5-minute voltage profile, power interruption monitoring with time, date and duration stamp, voltage threshold alerts, time-stamped peak demands, advanced TOU with remote programming and critical peak capability, freeze registers for both energy and voltage, and more. /