Partnership to combine AMI and power technologies for smart grid


David G. Hart,
Senior Vice
President, Elster
Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — February 3, 2009 – Smart metering and smart grid system and solution provider Elster and power and automation technology group ABB have entered into a partnership to combine technologies in the development of smart grid products.

The first development announced by the two companies is a new revenue grade medium voltage metering node, suited to meeting critical medium voltage monitoring needs of the smart grid. The node combines ABB’s instrument transformer technology, integrating power sensing in a combined voltage-current (CVC) self-contained package, with Elster’s ALPHA® metering platform, resulting in an advanced, self powered medium voltage polyphase metering node.

Through this integrated approach, data gathered from medium voltage locations can be combined and time synchronized with other system-level data allowing utilities to more efficiently monitor and operate their distribution network.

The second development is a new loss detection application permitting utilities to operate their network more efficiently by pinpointing system losses or loads that are not metered.

The loss detection application will be available as part of ABB’s FeederAll™, a distribution and planning analysis tool, and will incorporate time synchronized metering data from Elster’s EnergyAxis® System for AMI. The result is a powerful, easy-to-use graphical analysis tool that aggregates endpoint meter data along the distribution network, allowing utilities to identify and isolate suspected system loss locations.

Elster Senior Vice President David G. Hart said, “This is a very exciting time in the utility industry. Our Advanced Grid Infrastructure (AGI) initiative pilots have been very successful, and we look forward to our first commercial product releases early this year.”

“ABB is committed to developing a modern smart grid and AMI plays an important role,” said ABB network management marketing director Hormoz Kazemzadeh. “The opportunity to work with Elster on the integration of the loss detection application has resulted in new innovative solutions for utilities. This is one of the first applications to leverage AMI data for improving network reliability and efficiency.”