Partnership to deliver end-to-end demand response solution


Waukesha, WI and Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 16, 2009 – A partnership has been entered into between utility reliability and productivity solutions provider Cooper Power Systems and Elster to deliver an integrated end-to-end demand response solution for electric utilities using the Elster EnergyAxis® AMI system.

The solution seamlessly integrates Cooper’s Yukon Advanced Energy Services Software with Elster’s EnergyAxis Management System (EA_MS) software and enables advanced demand response strategies to be executed via the EnergyAxis AMI system. Elster smart meters communicate via ZigBee® based technology with the Cooper programmable communicating thermostats to send smart energy encrypted commissioning information, demand response commands, and messages.

The two companies are currently conducting end-to-end solution interoperability tests to ensure system reliability and expect full commercialization before year end.

“This new offering provides the kind of smart grid functionality customers tell us they are seeking,” said Mike Stoessl, group president, Cooper Power Systems. “As this integration of our capabilities continues to develop, utilities will be able to communicate to a multitude of devices utilizing the same network, which is the definition of the smart grid.”

“We are excited to be able to offer this end to end demand response capability which will deliver real benefits to utilities and consumers alike,” said Victor Sitton, vice president of product marketing, Elster. “Elster has a long history of providing innovative solutions to the utility marketplace and we continue to lead the AMI market with solutions that can be scaled and deployed today.”