Partnership to develop smart water meters


Tom Fryers,
Commercial Director,
Cambridge, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — July 20, 2009 – Smart meter development company Sentec has announced the launch of a smart water meter based on its Sterling technology for the Australasian, European and Middle Eastern markets.

The announcement comes less than one month after the launch of the Sterling-based iPerl meter by Sentec’s long term partners Sensus in the U.S.

The meter is being developed in partnership with a leading Japanese manufacturer and means that meters incorporating Sterling technology are now available in significant markets across the world. Prototypes of the new meter will be available in Australia in the third quarter of 2009, before being rolled out to the rest of the region, Europe and the Middle East.

Sterling is a highly robust, low cost technology designed to form the core of solid state smart water meters. Its high level of accuracy and performance, even at low flow rates, supports precise leak detection and it is not affected by the high air velocities or water impact often experienced when a supply is reconnected after an outage. It has no moving parts and a straight-through flow path so it does not wear or jam in service, ensuring reliability and accuracy over a long lifecycle. Along with its ultra-low power consumption, this makes it a very cost effective option for incorporating the extra electronic functions that a smart water meter requires.

Sterling meters are designed for domestic and light commercial applications and will support automatic, fully remote meter reading and near real-time in-home displays. This will enable consumers to see their actual consumption and play their part in water conservation.

“There is a clear need for water meters to acquire the ‘smart’ features that have been more frequently applied in the electricity and gas metering markets,” says Tom Fryers, commercial director of Sentec. “Water management is already a significant challenge in a number of areas like Australia whose water reserves have diminished as a result of long-term droughts, and Southern Europe where leaks cause significant problems. These challenges are set to intensify as a greater proportion of the world’s population is affected by ‘water-stress.’ Sterling’s unprecedented design makes it uniquely appropriate for use in these types of situation, and we are delighted to be entering into this partnership, which will extend Sterling’s geographic reach still further.”