Pending US efficiency Act would cut energy bills by $51 billion


The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) forecast a pending bipartisan energy efficiency bill if enacted would help the US cut energy bills by $51 billion through 2050.

The Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act could reduce carbon emissions equivalent to removing all cars and light trucks from the US roads for a year, according to ACEEE.

ACEEE says the policy would save 32 quadrillion Btu of energy and avoid 1.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions cumulatively for measures through 2050.

In addition, the bill is expected to:

  • The largest energy-saving impact owing to its provisions on building energy codes.
  • Create more than 100,000 additional jobs.

Lowell Ungar, senior policy advisor, ACEEE, said: “The numbers are in: This would be the biggest cut of energy waste from any new federal law in a decade.

“By spurring the construction of more energy-efficient buildings and houses, reducing energy waste in industrial plants, and assisting energy improvements in existing buildings, it would cut our energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions, and that’s just smart policy.”

Lowell’s testimony to the US Congress on the benefits of adopting the law is available here.