US utility grants consumer access to project information via online tool

The Pennsylvania American Water launched an online platform consumers will use to access information regarding the company’s infrastructure projects.

According to a company statement, the interactive web-based map comprises the utility’s 2017 water infrastructure upgrade projects.

Jeffrey McIntyre, the president of Pennsylvania American Water, commented: “Often, customers do not see their water bills at work because we may not be upgrading infrastructure in their neighborhood, and underground water and wastewater pipes are typically considered out of sight, out of mind.”

The online map enables consumers to use their mobile devices to access the status of projects being implemented by the utility in their areas. Consumers will be able to see an overview of the projects and how much capital is being invested in different phases of projects to upgrade water and wastewater pipelines.

The utility provides services to some 2.3 million metering points serving approximately 15 million people in 47 states in the US and in Ontario in Canada.

The investor-owned water company says it invests between $250 million and $300 million to maintain and upgrade its water and waste water system every year.

$0.52 cents of every $1 in monthly consumer  water bills is directed toward replacing the company’s ageing infrastructure with modern technologies and assets.

Commenting on the infrastructure upgrade projects, McIntyre added:  “Our engineering and operations teams work closely with local communities to identify problem areas, which helps us plan where to proactively replace and upgrade our infrastructure. For customers, it means improved service reliability, water quality and fire protection.”

Water infrastructure development

In other news related to modernisation of water distribution, billing and management infrastructure in the US, the Baldwin County Water and Sewer Department in Georgia state is developing a framework under which it will deploy some 8,700 automated smart water meters for its customers.

The Baldwin County Commission set aside a $2,500 budget which the county’s utility division will use in designing automated meter reading infrastructure programme.

Currently, the Baldwin County Water and Sewer Department is deploying a pilot in which some 100 automated water meters have been installed for residential consumers. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.