PG&E flips the switch on CRM software upgrade

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London, UK — (METERING.COM) — July 31, 2006 – California utility Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has today announced that it has upgraded its CRM and billing applications with SPL’s Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) software and the CC&B’s Practical CRM application.

Pat Lawicki, PG&E Chief Information Officer, commented: “Employees have been quickly adapting to the new system and the transition to the new application has resulted in no significant disruptions for PG&E customers.”

The new software will mean that PG&E will be able to better access customer information and bill for smart meter users among other features.

“These enhancements will allow our customer service representatives to provide customers with improved and more consistent service,” said PG&E president and CEO Tom King.