PG&E ordered to make AMI project reports public


Michael Peevey,
California PUC
San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — May 6, 2010 – In the ongoing investigation into Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s smart meter project the California Public Utilities Commission has ordered the company to make public its AMI project reports.

An order signed by the PUC president Michael Peevey states that in order for the PUC to have full information to assist in its investigation into the accuracy of the smart meters, PG&E must formally file reports that the Commission had ordered to be prepared and must make copies of the reports available to the public.

These reports include the regular, normally monthly, summary reports on the AMI project, covering the project status, progress against baseline schedule including equipment installation and key milestones, actual project spending versus forecast, and risk-based contingency allowance draw-down status, as well as the semi-annual AMI deployment assessment reports.

“In order to enhance the Commission and the public’s understanding of the AMI project, I direct PG&E to make copies of these reports public, both those previously submitted and those that will be filed going forward,” said Peevey.

PG&E’s smart meters are under investigation following a number of complaints of high bills following their installation. The PUC has appointed the Structure Group to conduct an independent evaluation.

In comments to a California State Senate panel last week, PG&E’s senior vice president and chief customer officer Helen Burt, assured customers that the technology is performing up to industry standards (see PG&E reports on smart meter technology to California senate panel).