PG&E and SolarCity partner to boost grid stability


The Californian utility is collaborating clean energy company to install smart solar inverters and battery storage systems for residential rooftop solar customers.

According to a company release, the project will “evaluate how [Pacific Gas and Electric] could enhance the stability and power quality of the grid and optimise solar generation and power flow management” through the coordination of DER with smart inverters and storage. [Engerati’s Week in Smart Energy: What’s disrupting your utility?]

[quote] SolarCity claims that the project demonstrates a portion of SolarCity’s Grid Services product suite, which leverages aggregated distributed energy resources including, solar PV with smart inverters, battery storage, and controllable loads, to provide benefits for grid operators.

These benefits include voltage and reactive power support, dynamic capacity, and peak shaving.

SolarCity will also be rolling out a portfolio of aggregated distributed energy resources to provide Pacific Gas & Electric with increased grid flexibility and control in a bid to exemplify a modern, customer-centric grid.

There has been an enrollment of up to 150 residential customers in San Jose who will receive smart inverters and/or residential battery storage systems.

The demonstration is expected to commence this September and end in December 2017.

SolarCity partners with Connecticut municipality

In related news, SolarCity also recently partnered up with the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative (CMEEC) has partnered with solar energy services company SolarCity for rollout of a solar and storage projects.

Through the collaboration, the two partners will build a portfolio of solar plants representing 13MW in power generation and a 1.5MW (6.0 MegaWatt Hours) energy storage system in southern Connecticut.

SolarCity with assistance from solar projects development company Brightfields Developments will install 57,000 panels on the project’s seven sites in Bozrah, Norwich and Groton.

The Wellesley (US) based project development company secured the contracts for installation of the generation and storage plants on the sites, as well as for the design work. [Energy management: SolarCity unveils new solution for Hawaiian residents].

The battery storage to be set in Norwich will be integrated with SolarCity’s energy management technology GridLogic Control to allow CMEEC to remotely dispatch stored energy to manage load spikes and optimise the operational efficiency of the network.

The projects are all expected to be completed by December 2016 and falls under the utility’s efforts to provide cleaner power to its members and consumers in six Connecticut communities including 70,000 metering points.

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