Philips and Cisco form IoT alliance for lighting efficiency

Technology companies Philips and Cisco have partnered to promote solutions for smart commercial lighting.

The alliance was formed to bring together Philips’s LED connected lighting system and Cisco’s IT network to address the need for intelligent lighting in the global office market, worth EUR 1 billion.

The companies’ will establish a joint ‘go-to-market’ strategy in the marketing of their combined intelligent lighting solutions, to create a “pathway for information” that will enable new services, said Bill Bien, senior vice president, head of Strategy and Marketing at Philips Lighting.

Mr Bien said: “Our alliance has two of the world’s biggest and trusted lighting and connectivity brands working together to bring the Internet of Things to life in offices and commercial buildings across the world.

“Customers will receive the best energy efficient lighting experience in the connected world and will be able to use information acquired from their connected lighting systems to save energy, reduce costs, improve productivity and optimise their workspace environment.”

Intelligent lighting improves energy efficiency

Through the alliance, Philips and California-based Cisco will endeavor to accelerate the adoption of intelligent lighting in the market, as well as deliver increased connectivity and efficiency, the pair said in a statement.

The two companies are also seeking to address the need for low consumption lighting solutions, as industry reports suggest that lighting is responsible for 40% of a building’s electricity use.

Edwin Paalvast, SVP EMEAR, Cisco and executive sponsor of the Cisco-Philips Alliance, said: “The world is becoming digital, and by working with Philips, we can help building owners more quickly digitise their lighting networks to drive better user experiences and efficiency.

“By partnering with Philips, we are delivering a reliable PoE-powered LED lighting solution using a highly secure IT network.”