Pilot AMI deployment to begin later this year


Baltimore, MD, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 18, 2008 – U. S. utility Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) will begin deploying an advanced metering infrastructure solution, which when complete will encompass the replacement or upgrading of more than 1.2 million electric meters and 640,000 natural gas meters, later in 2008. VSI Meter Services, Inc. (VSI) has been selected to manage the deployment, which is dependent on Maryland Public Service Commission approval.

"VSI has worked very closely with BGE for many years, and consistently provides an experienced staff and maintains an excellent safety record when working on our system,” said Michael B. Butts, director of business transformation for BGE. “We are confident VSI will continue to provide outstanding operational performance and the high standard of customer care that we expect during a program of this complexity. The AMI initiative is a key component of our BGE Smart Energy Savers Program(SM), and will allow BGE to launch important customer service and operational improvement initiatives.”

When AMI is fully implemented at BGE, the number of customer service benefits will expand to include remote meter reading, which would virtually eliminate estimated bills, and improved detection of power outages which could lead to faster restoration. In addition, AMI will give customers the capability to review their previous day’s energy usage online and to participate in new pricing programs that will allow customers to reduce peak energy demand and save money. Other benefits include quickly fulfilling customer’s requests to switch to different pricing options; swiftly resolving high bill inquiries; and immediately fulfilling a customer’s request to start or stop service, with instant rendering of a customer’s final bill.