Ohio city plans $4.3m smart meter project


The city is aims to enhance operations of its departments through optimised revenue collection to be achieved from accurate water and power billing brought by smart meters.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $4.3 million.

Smart water meter funding

The city said it will use its $380,000 grant recieved from the Community Development Block Grant to fund the installation of smart water meters.

[quote] The grant is expected to cover the installation of approximately 1,200 units for residential consumers and 65 meters for commercial customers.

Gary Huff, manager at Piqua city, commented:  “The plans are to move us from the Stone Ages into modern technologies, basically.” [Texas city to enhance billing system with smart water meters].

The new metering system will enhance the city’s management of its water distribution network. Benefits of the system include a reduction in non-revenue water due early detection of water leakages and provision of notifications when consumers tamper with their metering units.

Smart electric meter benefits

The project will begin with a pilot project in Southview area.

The rollout of the meters will help the city lower its expenses incurred in carrying out manual meter readings.

The city aims to use the smart meters to implement energy efficiency and demand response programmes as well as enhance customer service through the provision of a platform to improve restoration of power in case of outages.

Kyle Kopczyk, power system engineer for the city’s utility department, said: “We can be more proactive … so someone doesn’t get a gigantic bill at the end of the month.” [Smart meters US: AEP Ohio seeks 50% hike in advanced metering charges]

Following the announcement of Piqua city’s plan, the city now awaits to submit the plan to the state’s energy regulator for approval.


Image credit: www.piquaoh.org.