PowerStream expands its AMI offering


Vaughan, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — September 1, 2008 – Ontario utility PowerStream first selected Sensus Metering System’s FlexNet for its Phase I project of 80,000 customers in 2006 and now expands the tower-based AMI solution to its remaining customer base in this 640-square-kilometer service territory. Total deployment for the project is 237,000 endpoints.

"Our commitment to Sensus is reciprocal," says Rick Lapp, Manager of Metering for PowerStream. "Throughout the piloting and Phase I deployments leading up to our Phase II decision, FlexNet has consistently proven itself as the right AMI technology choice."

Lapp described FlexNet as PowerStream’s "AMI system-of-choice" in meeting both the operational requirements of the electrical distribution company and the province’s AMI mandate.

PowerStream, as one of the largest local electricity distribution companies in Ontario, is a member of the Coalition of Large Distributors (CLD). The CLD completed a thorough technical and economic evaluation of today’s AMI solutions in order to select Vendors of Record, which Ontario utilities engaged to commence deployment of smart meters in their respective franchise areas.

PowerStream selected the Sensus FlexNet AMI system from the CLD’s Vendor of Record shortlist consisting of five AMI solutions and initially used FlexNet to meet first stage requirements of the Ontario Government’s Smart Metering Initiative.

"PowerStream took the approach that experiential data is the critical factor in selecting an AMI system," says Ed Chatten, PowerStream Vice-President. "We are confident that our selection of FlexNet is grounded on performance-based results achieved through our phased deployment process."

Officials also favored FlexNet because of its ability to provide the communication technology that enables the system’s smart grid to function with features such as Cooper Power fault circuit indicators, transformer monitoring, and other devices on the smart grid that will allow the utility to effectively manage its territory.

Because of the likelihood of sparse meter deployment in some areas, FlexNet’s Primary-Use license, which allows for uninterrupted transmission with up to two watts of power, is a major benefit to PowerStream. The Primary-Use license eliminates any interference from other radio frequency transmissions. As a result, signals can be collected several miles away from a tower.