PowerStream opts for AMI smart suite metering program


Vaughan, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — February 25, 2008 – PowerStream, the third largest local electricity distribution company in Ontario, has appointed Trilliant Incorporated, a provider of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) based on open standards, as its exclusive agent to provide AMI smart suite metering equipment, supplies and services for residential, commercial and industrial (C&I) use. Suite metering is an important area of focus for PowerStream, given its significant role in helping to meet energy conservation objectives while also representing as much as 25 percent of expected growth in consumers directly served by the utility.

Suite metering involves measuring the energy use of individual suites in multi-occupant buildings, including condos. This allows building tenants to be accountable for their own utility use and costs, benefiting both the landlord and the tenants. According to a report issued by the New York State Energy and Development Authority, a suite-metered building can reduce energy consumption by 10-26 percent.

About 90 percent of Ontario’s stock of rental multi-residential apartments is currently bulk-metered. This sector currently represents about 5 percent of Ontario’s electricity consumption. A report issued by the Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario calculates that if buildings were to be individually metered, it would reduce overall provincial consumption by about one percent.

“PowerStream experienced significant growth in 2007. The success of our work with Trilliant’s suite-metering solutions has played a big role in this,” said Edward Chatten, vice president corporate performance and metering for PowerStream. “By extending our efforts in suite metering, we expect to continue to provide our customers with outstanding and cost effective service.”

Trilliant will provide PowerStream with sales and marketing support, engineering design services, a C&I metering and AMI network, installation and commissioning, data management and operations support, and process expertise.