PPL customers prefer self service to telephone service


Allentown, PA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 8, 2010 – PPL Electric Utilities has reported that for the first time more customers are using self service options on the utility’s website and the customer care center’s interactive system, than are speaking with a customer service representative.

The increase in consumer acceptance for the web and automated call systems continues an upward trend toward self service options during the past two years.

PPL Electric Utilities customers can get an updated account balance, make a payment, or report a power outage using the company’s interactive voice response system. And, nearly 400,000 transactions were handled this way during the first five months of 2010, up 34 percent over the past two years.

On the company’s website customers have even more self-service options available anytime every day. More than 630,000 service transactions were handled on the web during January through May this year – up 16 percent from last year and 29 percent over 2008.

On the web, customers can start or stop service, view billing information, enroll in various bill payment plans, and make arrangements to pay the monthly bill. Additionally, customers can view their hourly, daily or monthly electric usage patterns, analyze their usage, get tips to reduce their utility costs, and report and get power outage information.

Nevertheless the activity level in PPL Electric Utilities’ customer contact center remains quite busy, handling the more complex consumer issues, such as rate changes. Customer service representatives handled more than 2.1 million contacts with customers in 2009 and more than 975,000 contacts during the first five months of this year.

“In today’s society, we understand consumers are looking for convenience and want to do business on their schedules. We’re pleased there’s been steady growth in usage of our web site, and we’ll keep working to ensure it is consumer friendly and meets the needs of our customers,” said Robert M. Geneczko, PPL Electric Utilities vice president, customer service.

In addition to the activities on the web and at the customer contact center, PPL Electric Utilities received more than 31,000 pieces of correspondence – letters, faxes and e-mails – from customers through May of this year.

A subsidiary of PPL Corporation, PPL Electric Utilities serves 1.4 million customers in 29 counties across central and eastern Pennsylvania.