Precision electric grid meter now available


Lafayette, IN, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 25, 2008 – Landis+Gyr Inc. has announced the availability of MAXsys Elite, a precision electric grid meter, with benefits including flexible communications solutions and advanced power quality features.

The MAXsys Elite precision meter evolved from Landis+Gyr’s Quad 4 meter, originally released in 1991, a true 4-quad electronic revenue meter offering time-proven software and a V25 processor. Landis+Gyr continued development on its precision meter platform and 12 years later offered the MAXsys 2510, which incorporated a digital signal processing (DSP) measurement chip providing a wide-ranging power supply and auxiliary power option, allowing the meter to be powered by AC or DC power source. With the availability of the MAXsys Elite, the capabilities of the meter are more innovative.

“The functionality of the MAXsys Elite can be customized by utilities so it best fits their needs, allowing them to enable only needed functionality. Many features are available using the Landis+Gyr softkey upgrade without adding additional hardware or taking the meter out of service,” said John McAhren, Product Manager Precision Meters, Landis+Gyr Inc. “The MAXsys Elite provides the flexibility that will make it possible for utilities to offer more power quality services to their end customers.”

The MAXsys Elite offers the following product features:

  • Softkey bullets allowing remote functionality upgrades to meters in the field
  • More communication ports and faster comm.. speeds, including Ethernet under glass
  • On-board SCADA protocols (assign to any comm. port)
  • Waveform capture, individual harmonics, three levels of sags and swells
  • The largest graphical display available with menu system for easy access to meter information
  • Communications troubleshooting screens for easy installation.