Protect gang meter sockets with KD Bar


Farmington Hills, MI, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 20, 2010 – The new KD Bar has been introduced by Brooks Utility Products Group to help protect gang meter sockets from tampering in the AMI/smart metering environment.

The KD Bar is made of powder coated hardened steel and features a sliding, adjustable length design that fits a variety of different-sized gang meter sockets. It locks across the front covers of the gang socket, using one of two locking systems:

  • Padlock style lock, similar to Brooks UP’s Quik Pin Lock
  • Barrel lock style, such as Brooks UP’s Quik Lock II.

In addition, an optional center lock bracket is available for added security by creating an additional lock point.

The KD Bar is available in two sizes and does not require holes to be punched in the socket allowing for quick and easy installation on many sizes of gang meter sockets. The small bar adjusts to fit sockets 25 to 37 inches, and the large bar adjusts to fit sockets 37 to 64 inches in overall length.

“The changes to metering operations because of AMI/smart metering have necessitated a greater commitment to asset protection,” said Mike Lewis of Brooks UP. “We’ve made many additions to our product line, and can now offer a tiered solution in security, featuring security seals, labels and hardened products.”