Provo Water Company chooses AMI solution


Ocala, FL, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — May 19, 2008 – Provo Water Company Ltd. of Turks & Caicos Islands has selected Elster AMCO Water’s evolution™ AMI solution for implementation throughout their island district. Elster AMCO Water, Inc. is part of Elster Group, a provider of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), integrated metering and utilization solutions to the gas, electricity and water industries

The initial pilot began last month, and a full rollout serving 2,500 customers is expected within the year.

Provo Water selected evolution AMI because it delivers a complete end-to-end AMI solution designed specifically for water utilities, and its smart metering capabilities help drive utility-wide conservation efforts, enabling utilities to effectively manage and measure water resources while providing greater overall operational efficiency.

Provo Water Company Ltd. has been providing the drinking water in the Turks and Caicos islands for the past 11 years, but the traditional water metering reading and billing system it was using did not provide sufficient information and functionality to profile total consumption for the system and determine where leaks might be occurring, resulting in high unaccounted for water and lost revenue.

Provo Water sought a cost effective solution that could monitor and measure water usage and consumption, helping to minimize unaccounted for water. Additionally, Provo Water was seeking a solution that would help the island community achieve improved meter reading efficiency to provide a streamlined solution for residential and commercial billing.

“The island uses desalinated water, which is a relatively expensive cost to us,” explained Paul Fletcher, financial controller for Provo Water. “We didn’t have any structured method of detecting leaks. Additionally, we could not read our meters in a single day at month’s end. This left us with an inaccurate measurement of lost water because we were never reading the meters at the same time each month in our district metering application. We needed a cost effective solution to remotely manage and read our meters and found it with Elster AMCO Water’s evolution AMI solution.”