Rainforest bids to improve utilities’ demand response programs


Canadian company Rainforest said its new solutions aimed at residential and small commercial customers provide functionalities such as real-time smart meter monitoring, OpenADR Virtual End Node (VEN), home automation, and remote telemetry collection.

Chris Tumpach, president of Rainforest Automation, said: “We have employed IoT technology to combine BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with utility Demand Response programs.”

In a statement, Rainforest claims its new portfolio powers IoT appliances and communication protocols such as OpenADR, Zigbee, WiFi and the Internet Protocol (IP) to deliver a cost effective solution linking utilities’ widely distributed residential and small businesses’ metering points.

Smart meters communication

Rainforest said the foundation of the new solution is the EAGLE-200 Intelligent Energy Gateway.

Tumpach said: “Our new EAGLE-200 gateway provides a single point of contact for the utility to control devices in the home, without having to worry about a separate interface for every type of load…”

In the event of an internet outage, the gateway has the ability to connect through meter Home Area Network (HAN) for utilities with smart meters as it is designed to operate independently from the internet and cloud services.

Demand response service integration

In addition, to the gateway, Rainforest also launched a smartphone app combining Home Automation, utility Demand Response opt-out and customized preferences, and smart meter monitoring.

Rainforest claims the smartphone app is the first combining the four functionalities in a single, user-friendly application.

The app will allow users to control their SmartHome appliances and provides a platform for utilities to engage their Demand Response participants.

The portfolio also includes cloud-based services such as real-time demand alerts, a brand-able user web portal, remote device management, real-time Measurement and Verification (M&V), and data warehousing.

Trumpuch reiterated that the solution is built on open standards, and is designed to connect with systems from other venders.

The Rainforest Demand Response products and services will be available for utility customers in Q2 2016.