Rate relief for Ameren customers in Illinois


St. Louis, MO, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 11, 2007 – U.S. utility Ameren has announced that its residential customers in Illinois will soon start feeling the benefits of its $1 billion rate relief plan.

"Our customers have asked for rate relief and we are delivering it," Stan Ogden, vice president of customer service and public relations, said in a statement. "This across-the-board assistance will help trim the bills to more than one million residential customers."
The rate relief plan includes both checks being mailed to customers and credits being applied to electricity accounts. The credits will be available to customers who have not paid their electricity bills for at least the last two months. Customers will each receive at least $100 in 2007 – they are able to find out the exact amount by visiting Ameren’s website. The amount of individual increases is based on actual consumption.

The plan was developed as a result of the large rate increases introduced earlier in the year, which sparked widespread outrage on the part of consumers.