Red Clay achieves Oracle’s status for consulting Utilities Smart Grid Gateway


In the US, energy business consulting firm, Red Clay has announced that it has achieved Oracle Partner Network (OPN)’s status for Oracle Utilities Smart Grid Gateway (SGG).

According to a prweb publication, Red Clay’s success in delivering services around Oracle utilities SGG has driven the recognition.

Commenting on the development, Paul Marnell, Red Clay Managing Partner said Red Clay is very proud of the specialization achievement as it reflects the firm’s commitment towards expansion of Oracle Utilities’ technologies.

OPN in grid management solutions development

The development follows Oracle’s announcement in Q1 of 2015 that it updated its smart grid software, Utilities Network Management System , in a bid to assist utilities more effectively integrate distributed energy resources to better manage load and improve grid reliability.

Oracle claims that the updated version featuring an advanced distribution management system [ADMS], allows greater flexibility in terms of how distribution grid data is managed in a bid to reduce costs and improve reliability.

Metering & Smart Energy International reported that the new iteration also aims to help energy providers integrate consumer-generated energy, including rooftop solar and other renewable technologies, such as wind turbines, and batteries, a function that SCADA systems cannot support.

Rodger Smith, senior vice president and general manager at Oracle, said: “The management system supports vital distribution automation to the substation and distributed generation management thanks to a scalable, real-time data model and optimization engine.

“These capabilities are built on one of the world’s best outage management systems, as demonstrated during Superstorm Sandy … utilities need a storm-proven, scalable ADMS platform that also manages distributed energy resources.”