California municipal utility prepares for new efficiency programme

In the US state of California, Redding Electric Utility is set to launch an energy efficiency programme to help consumers reduce energy usage and costs.

This week, the electric utility secured an approval from its owner, the Redding City Council, to deploy the energy efficiency project.

Under the programme, Redding Electric Utility is partnering with PG&E, the California Department of Community Services and Development and the Local Self-Help Home Improvement Project.

Redding Electric Utility has named the initiative the Low-Income Energy Efficiency Programme (LIEEP).

The energy provider says it will invest up to $2 million towards the implementation of the programme in which low-income consumers will be provided with funding to implement energy efficiency upgrades in their homes.

The energy efficiency upgrades will include the installation of low-energy consuming ceiling fans and insulation, smart thermostats, LED lights, refrigerators, windows and other energy saving measures.

The project will be funded with money secured by the city from the California state government to implement various initiatives to reduce carbon emissions.

Dan Beans, the interim utility director at Redding Electric Utility, said: “…by contracting with SHHIP, we will be able to reach more customers, achieve more savings and accomplish the work faster.”

The programme is expected to help consumers reduce their energy usage by 925KWh per year and save $141.34 in annual energy bills.

In addition, the LIEEP will also help the city improve its economy through the creation of jobs for local residents.

Currently, Redding Electric Utility has issued a proposal for consumers to apply to participate in the programme. [ComEd adds service to residential energy efficiency programme].

Energy efficiency funding

Meanwhile, in the UK, the Scottish government announced £4.4m in funding towards implementation of phase two of the Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP) which will help city councils deploy energy efficiency programmes.

The second phase of SEEP is set for launch in the first quarter of 2018 to help industrial and commercial consumers and the public sector improve energy efficiency. The phase will run through to February 2019.

The funding will be used to help 15 city councils research, develop and implement innovative energy efficiency technologies under efforts to reduce carbon emissions, tackle fuel poverty and stabilise the country’s grid system. According to Stephanie Clark, policy manager at Scottish Renewables, 31% of Scottish households do not have access to affordable energy.

Under phase one of SEEP, the Scottish government provided the city councils with £9.1m to projects researching on new solutions which can be implemented to increase energy efficiency in Scottish buildings. The programme was first introduced in October 2016 and is set for completion this December.


Image Credit: 123rf.