Renville-Sibley Cooperative selects AMR


Danube, MN, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — December 20, 2007 – Danube-based Renville-Sibley Cooperative Power Association has selected Advanced AMR Technologies’ (AAT) wireless to Internet AMR energy management and control system for deployment to sites across its service area.

Renville-Sibley Cooperative delivers power to nearly 2,000 member/owners throughout Renville County, as well as portions of Sibley, Chippewa, Kandiyohi, Redwood, and Nicollet counties of Minnesota.

Renville-Sibley Cooperative’s immediate need was to be able to monitor and record 15 minute interval meter data at selected commercial sites in their service area. The equipment they were previously using incorporated an on-site “record only” technology, which required visits to each and every site every month. According to Dan Kramin, line superintendent at Renville-Sibley, AAT’s system allowed the coop to provide AMR for its commercial sites across the region without having to install expensive infrastructure equipment at each substation.

Scott Sherman, Business Development Manager for AAT, said, "We are delighted with this new business relationship. This is further testimony that our patented, 2-way energy management system is the right choice for coops."