Residential demand response solution


Comverge Inc. has announced commercial availability of its latest residential price-responsive solution, which the company developed by combining its under-glass Maingate® Home communicating module with Landis+Gyr’s solid-state FOUS™ meter. The solution allows utilities to realise a full-scale, integrated load control and AMR system across all customer sites.

Comverge’s Maingate Home and Multi-platform provide a comprehensive solution for customers who require integrated AMR, price responsive load control, multi-appliance integration and advanced thermostat customer communications. When combined with AMR communications technologies such as Maingate Home, Landis+Gyr’s FOCUS meter delivers unique benefits. The platform is optically reconfigurable, allowing kWh resets and meter reprogramming through the meter cover. The FOCUS meter’s single-circuit board design, with fewer connectors and fewer parts, increases reliability and contributes to better overall endpoint performance.

Comverge and Landis+Gyr have also introduced a new C&I advanced metering application, which uses Comverge’s data acquisition and analysis PowerCAMP™ software to interrogate Landis+Gyr’s two-way S4 wireless meters. When PowerCAMP is configured as a hosted solution, eMeter – Landis+Gyr’s implementation and data management ally – provides managed data services for utility-installed meters and delivers daily access to customers’ data via the Internet. /