Residential gateway project underway


Tacoma Power, a division of Tacoma Public Utilities, has awarded a contract to muNet® for the supply of its WebGate® iRIS™ mini IP interface technology to support the utility’s residential gateway project. The contract calls for the delivery of 10,000 WebGate IP interfaces over 12 months starting in August 2004. Tacoma Power plans subsequent deployment phases for an additional 17,000 meters by the end of 2006.

muNet’s WebGate products are designed to plug-and-play on broadband networks such as the Click! Network which is operated by Tacoma Power. This is a hybrid fibre-optical and co-axial cable telecommunications network that supports transmission and distribution, as well as providing cable video, broadband and data transport services to retail customers.

The WebGate IP interface configuration chosen by Tacoma Power is integrated with the Sensus® iCon™ single phase meter, and includes an integrated DOCSIS compliant cable modem, a voltage sensor, a 200 A power disconnect switch, a controlled Ethernet hub, a HomePlug compliant powerline bridge and external dual coax switches. In addition to traditional utility applications like automated synchronised interval meter reading, voltage monitoring and remote power disconnect, muNet’s technology enables Tacoma Power to implement advanced applications such as a prepay system for electricity bills and control of the cable TV signal delivery into the home.