ResilientGrid integrates Radiflow industrial cybersecurity into grid map offering


The growing threats of cybersecurity and physical attacks along with a growth in big data, automation, IoT and sensors are all leading to more systems, screens, risks and stress in critical infrastructure control rooms. To this end, Radiflow, a cybersecurity solutions provider for critical infrastructure and ResilientGrid, which provides integrated software and services have jointly announced the integration of Radiflow’s industrial cybersecurity capabilities into the ResilientGrid Map solution.

ResilientGrid Map integrates data flows from an infrastructure’s core systems into a single visualization designed to maximize situational awareness and minimize risks of human error for critical infrastructure operations. ResilientGrid Map is designed around human factors principles, scaling across normal, emergency and recovery operations. This integrated operating system is designed to fight the losses of situational awareness that are seen in emergency situations. This allows these operators to improve efficiencies, reduce risks of losses and rapidly return to normal operations.

By integrating industrial cybersecurity capabilities through the installation of an iSID system into the ResilientGrid Map solution, baseline operational assets can be mapped and continuously monitored for changes to expected network traffic. For any changes to the operational assets and anomalies in network traffic that may indicate cybersecurity threats, iSID generates alerts in real-time. The assets information gathered by iSID are now displayed by ResilientGrid Map together with physical infrastructure information. Any alerts generated by iSID are presented in the relevant location in the ResilientGrid Map visualization.

For users of ResilientGrid Map, which spans the electric power vertical and adjacent critical infrastructures, the integration of Radiflow’s industrial cybersecurity capabilities greatly expands their situational awareness and according to a company release, “positions them to effectively manage their operational network from the single pane of glass provided by ResilientGrid.”