Results of customer switching survey announced


VaasaEmg, a university-based research centre specialising in utility marketing to end customers, and Peace Software, developer of off-the-shelf software products for utilities, are revealing the world’s top ten most active utility retail markets at a series of conferences in Europe and North America. The ranking is the result of a year-long collaborative research project into global utility customer switching trends.

Over 30 competitive utility retail markets were analysed, highlighting dramatic trends and differences. Markets were classified into four categories – Dormant, Slow, Active and Hot.

By a clear margin the world’s “hottest” energy markets are Great Britain, Victoria (Australia) and South Australia. All showed customer switch rates above 12.5% during 2004. Eight markets – Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Texas (USA), Flanders (Belgium) and New South Wales (Australia) – were classified as Active, with switch rates between 5% and 12.5%.

Research findings will also be published in a series of reports over the coming months. /