NYSERDA fosters smart energy collaboration through REV Connect


The new website, called REV Connect, will support the collaboration between companies that offer distributed energy and smart grid solutions and utilities to develop  high quality REV demonstrations and other innovative projects.

REV Connect also shares good practices and convenes market participants to enhance the culture of innovation and collaboration in the energy sector.

The digital portal is also aimed at advancing New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) plan to build a clean, resilient and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers.

A local news source explains that REV Connect provides a central location where third parties can learn about the opportunities created by New York’s nation-leading efforts to change the way energy is created, consumed and delivered.

Businesses can submit responsive ideas for feedback and technical support, and be potentially matched with New York State investor-owned utilities to pursue innovative partnerships. These new business partnerships are intended to be self-sustaining initiatives that will activate markets and become part of the emerging clean and resilient energy system with the goal to lower costs and give customers greater choices.

Building on existing REV projects

REV Connect will help build onto recent developments that have demonstrated innovative business structures through a growing list of REV demonstration projects; non-wires alternatives, such as Consolidated Edison’s Brooklyn-Queens demand management project, that avoid costly construction of new grid assets in favour of customer-sited clean energy solutions; NY Prize community microgrid projects; and distributed system implementation plans (DSIPs) developed by utilities to present their five-year plans to modernize grid operations, system planning, and markets, with the integration of distributed energy resources.

New York State chairman of Energy and Finance Richard L. Kauffman said, “REV Connect is another innovative building block created to support Governor Cuomo’s ambitious energy agenda and create a clean energy economy. REV Connect will help third parties and utilities navigate the new energy landscape in New York to catalyze innovation, support new utility business and revenue models and advance the state’s leadership in modernizing its energy system and addressing climate change affordably and smartly.”